Cultural Summer
Visselhövede 2016

August 17th to August 21st




Joseph Collard

Wednesday, 17th Aug. 8:00 p.m.

"Zic-Zag" is a performance……without words.

Joseph Collard plays and tells with humor, how he became a pantomime. He takes the rolls of the different characters which have marked his training.

In this way he transforms into his grandfather who taught him the desire to be pantomime, then in his teacher, a grumpy Russians and an Englishman "Body control - Control of the Body". He plays again his first appearance to an enthusiastic and overwhelmed audience.

He makes the audience to his partner, and together they tread a zigzag course on the waves of laughter and emotions, because with the help of pantomime you can do anything, create anything and imagine everything.

Zig-Zag is an international program that will take you into the world of phantasy, happiness and a mix of emotions.

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Entrance fee: €17,- / €12,-