Cultural Summer
Visselhövede 2016

August 17th to August 21st




Stefan Gwildis

Saturday 20th Aug. 8:00 p.m.

Stefan Gwildis and his favourite pianist Tobias Neumann started on their way with the groovy new program „Alles dreht sich - Vierhändig“, to sweep the masses off their seats.

Gwildis is a versatile musician and stage-artist who always cares his own note: Motown with german lyrics were a revolution, his own compositions sound rough and rooted to the soil.

The charismatic singer is on stage with a large band, with moral supporting trio or as an accoustic artist duo. With his usual applomb, very charming and with heart Stefan Gwildis built again a harmonious program, containing jazz- and soul-classics, Stefan's personal favourites and his newest compositions, which can be found on his current issued album „Alles dreht sich“.

Beside Stefan Gwildis Tobias Neumann will enlight the stage, a well-known well-loved companion. Tobias plays the piano since he is six years old, later studied jazzpiano and worked together with Gwildis for the album „Frei händig“, together with Stefan and Martin Langer, as songwriter and producer.

Who ever visited a Gwildis-concert knows how contagious the mood and how spirit-raising the entertainer is and becomes a reoffender very soon. Whether jazz or soul, with Big Band oder as a duo – which genre ever he serves, Stefan Gwildis is at home on stage and forms every concert into a happening, which thrills his fans - and those who want to become fans.

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Entrance fee: 25,- / 20,- Euro