Cultural Summer
Visselhövede 2016

August 17th to August 21st




The Suitcase People

Accompanying Exhibition

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, given 10.12.1948

Imagine you should pack your suitcase to prepare a stay out of your usual homely environment.

Most of you would say: no poblem, I do so every time I travel on holiday.

You are right, but the most important attribute on those events is: You pack your suitcase just for a limited time and after that time you come back to your personal belongings which you left home.

this luxury and relaxed situation is unreal for many people that have to leave home for many reasons. They are mostly compelled to prepare their departure in a very short amount of time. The have to decide withim one moment, which things they put in the suitcase (knowing that they are not free in their decision) and which not. They have to go apart from a lot of things and they have to make thier farewells to things that were imprinting parts of their lives.

There remain memories and uncertainty.

Memories to a former life in which they were embedded in a social and commercial environment, in family, house, home and homeland. All that they have to leave with the greatest chance of never accessing it again.

Badly equipped with a suitcase and very few possessions they proceed into the unknown, into a strange foreign country, not speaking nor understanding the language, knowing nothing about culural or social conventions.

People, downscalde to a container of goods: Suitcase-People.

But, certainly, they take a lot more with them. They carry a life, a culture, knowledge and abilities others can get benefit from. Let us give those people, symbolised by the sculptures of Gerd Rehpenning, the chance to open the suitcase of their life an to and to offer the content.

A wise step of integration.

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The "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" is the most translated document worldwide. Currently it can be found in 467 different languages. Look at the Homepage of the UN .