Cultural Summer
Visselhövede 2016

August 17th to August 21st




Banners of the Cultural Summer

Accompanying Exhibition

When we had at the last years Cultural Summer colourful banners moving in the wind so were some of them made by performer and artists hands. This year they are painted, sprayed and written by the citizens of Visselhövede during a workshop with all those who wanted to perform something what is windy and possibly emotional.

Most of these banners can be acquired by purchase. Spend little money and one of these beautiful banners will send a wonderful beacon from your garden or balconies, from a flower bucket or traffic refuge - least but not last from a company parking place in Visselhövede. Banner which are going to be sold will be marked by the name of the performer. You will find the name, E-Mail and the minimum you will have to spend. The contact person for this sale is Willi Reichert. The sales revenue will go to the kindergarten of the "Camp Lehnsheide" and to the "Visselhöveder Culture Summer".

This event is a product of a good cooperation of the city council Visselhövede with the help of all performers who are attending this event and all other principal supporters.