Cultural Summer
Visselhövede 2016

August 17th to August 21st




Cinema on the construction site: Fitzcarraldo

Tuesday, 16th Aug. 8:00 p.m.

The construction of the Cultural Summer is not quite finished, but we can already show a film in the tent - we have mostly finished our constuctional works then, so you don't have to stumble over our tools ...

Director: Werner Herzog (Germany 1982) - not recommended for kids under 12 -

Best Director Award for Werner Herzog in Cannes 1982. Nominated for the Golden Globe 1983. Film Ribbon in Silver 1982. Impressive Amazon adventure in which Klaus Kinski trying to realize his dream of an opera house deep in the jungle.

The movie is the story of a dreamer named Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald, whose name has been simplified to "Fitzcarraldo" by the Indians and Spanish who inhabit his godforsaken corner of South America. He loves opera. He spends his days making a little money from an ice factory and his nights dreaming up new schemes. One of them, a plan to build a railroad across the continent, has already failed. Now he is ready with another: He seriously intends to build an opera house in the rain jungle, twelve hundred miles upstream from the civilized coast, and to bring Enrico Caruso there to sing an opera.

If his plan is mad, his method for carrying it out is madness of another dimension. Looking at the map, he becomes obsessed with the fact that a nearby river system offers access to hundreds of thousands of square miles of potential trading customers - if only a modern steamship could be introduced into that system. There is a point, he notices, where the other river is separated only by a thin finger of land from a river that already is navigated by boats. His inspiration: Drag a steamship across land to the other river, float it, set up a thriving trade, and use the profits to build the opera house - and then bring in Caruso! This scheme is so unlikely that perhaps we should not be surprised that Herzog's story is based on the case of a real Irish entrepreneur who tried to do exactly that.

The historical Irishman was at least wise enough to disassemble his boat before carting it across land. In Herzog's movie, however, Fitzcarraldo determines to drag the boat up one hill and down the other side in one piece. He enlists engineers to devise a system of blocks-and-pulleys that will do the trick, and he hires the local Indians to work the levers with their own muscle power. And it is here that we arrive at the thing about "Fitzcarraldo" that transcends all understanding: Werner Herzog determined to literally drag a real steamship up a real hill, using real tackle and hiring the local Indians! To produce the movie, he decided to do personally what even the original Fitzgerald never attempted.

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Entrance fee: €7,- / €5,-