Cultural Summer
Visselhövede 2016

August 17th to August 21st





Thursday 18th Aug. 8:00 p.m.

Made after the silent movie by Fritz Lang

Metropolis - a giant, futuristic metropolis.

Two sharply separated worlds: above the upper class, which lives in luxurious skyscrapers, below the ground the workers who live a life full of privation and hard work. They keep the machines in motion, they make life of the upper class possible. Of course they are monitored, controlled and spied.

One day the young worker Maria enters unlawful the upper town. Freder, the son of the "ruler" over Metropolis, falls in love with Maria and follows her into the "world of the workers". He sees the fear and the suffering and terror of the world below...

The movie of Fritz Lang is the first socially critical science fiction. It is the first movie what is recorded in the World Documentary Heritage of the UNESCO.

Metropolis warns on its own way from exploitation, oppression and surveillance.
Is the 90-year-old story with its reminders also relevant today?

The N.N. Theater shows its current production of "Metropolis". This issue at today's theater stage is - seriously, but also entertaining and humorous ...

Director: Michl Thorbecke.
Actors: Irene Schwarz, Aischa Lina Löbbert, Nils Buchholz, Oliver Schnelker.
Music: Bernd Kaftan.

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Entrance fee: €17,- / €12,-