Cultural Summer
Visselhövede 2016

August 17th to August 21st




Shakespeare in Zaatari

Saturday 20th Aug. 2:00 p.m.

Movie: Shakespeare in Zaatari
Jordan/Germany 2016 | Author und director: Maan Mouslli | 35 Min. | FSK: no age limit

The documentary movie SHAKESPEARE IN ZAATARI tells the story of syrian children, linving in jordanian Zaatari, one of the largest refugee-camps in the world. The monotony of their everydays life is broken by a really unbeleavable project: The famous syrian actor and stage-director Nawar Bulbul rehearses the Shakespeare-tragedies „King Lear“ and „Hamlet“ with them for several months. They perform it at first in the camp, afterwards in the ancient roman theatre in jordan's capital city Amman. The documentary accompanies the actor and the children on their way of dream fulfillment: forget the scares of war and their fleeing for a few moments and show the world, what a great potential is stored within them.

From documentary film-recordings of several camera operators director Maan Mouslli created a very touching movie, which shows how theatre-playing helped the children to moderate their pain, to regain their hope and to find back their lost dreams.

SHAKESPEARE IN ZAATARI was screened this year as a part of the Short Film Corner at the international Filmfestival in Cannes and made it to the Official Selections of the Los Angeles CineFest, the Human Rights Film Festivals Barcelona and the Roma Cinema Doc.

Maan Mouslli (* 21st May 1986) is born in Damaskus and worked as a photographer, radio-journalist, film-director and dokumentary filmmaker.

While studying computer science at the European University Damaskus he founded a theatre-club and was actor in many plays. Maan took part in the syrian revolution very early, was party in street theatres and with his photographs he dokumentated amongst other things the early tries to bring down al-Assad's regime.

Filming works in Syria:
As a camera operator and Editor he was part of five syrian produktions. His docomentary film about theatre-clubs in universitys was shown at the Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival.

TV- and cinema clips in Germany:
Together with Anis Hamdoun he produced the TV series „Ach so“ for the TV station He worked as a journalist for a syrian exil-radiostation. Additional he was resposible for editting the cinema clip „Was sind Flüchtlinge?“ of Caritasverband für die Diözese Osnabrück e.V. .

Have a look at the Trailer.

The wikipedia-entry about the Zaatari refugee camp.

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